About Us

Welcome to Karv HR

What We Are

Karv HR represents “Growth with Excellence” . The name is a reflection of our mission to:

  • provide clients with the best solutions thereby helping them to meet their business goals.
  • train individuals towards exceptional career path enabling them to unwind the best opportunities.

Karv HR  is not just an organization – it is an institution, a centre of learning & development. We believe that knowledge is the only weapon at our disposal and our quest for it is focused, systematic and unwavering.

At Karv HR , we take pride in challenging conventions and thinking out of the box, in travelling on the road less travelled. Our corporate doctrine ‘Rewrite Rules, Retain Values’ is derived from this spirit.

We  help our clients achieve profitability and cost effectiveness through our highly specialized search services and unique delivery mechanisms. 

Core Values

The five core values that lay the foundation of our business are:

  • Innovation : Innovation — in thoughts, processes, approaches and strategies. With an aim to consistently deliver excellent services.
  • Future Thinking : We believe in adopting innovative technologies, new thinking and ideas to stay future ready.
  • Creativity : Creativity is a core value that goes hand in hand with the passion that truly defines our company. Creativity is brave – it has the courage to speak your ideas loud. Creative thinking is “thinking out of the box”, “travelling the road less travelled” and developing a new definition of excellence.
  • Integrity : At Karv HR, we proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. 
  • Excellence : At Karv HR , we take pride in our work, continuously improving our skills and abilities so that our distinctive service benefits those we serve and for whom we work

Our 6-D process



This phase involves understanding the gaps between the current performance of an HR function relative to standards or expectations.



This phase involves a results-based approach to the delivery of HR services. Efforts are framed by key objectives along with the steps, resources and expertise required to achieve those outcomes.



This phase involves defining a strategy that takes into account existing barriers and resources and helps us to determine paths to reach our objectives.



In this phase, plan of action is developed that describes in great detail exactly how strategies will be implemented to accomplish the objectives developed earlier in this process.



In this phase, actions based on strategy are efficiently funneled towards effective deployment. 



This is the phase of delivery, exactly what you need at the right time.

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